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The Possibility Wars

Earth has been invaded by several different realities (cosms). The different cosms are led by High Lords bent on draining (Core) Earth’s Possibility energy. To do this they must take over physical possession of territory on Earth and force their reality onto the territory, creating a realm. The realm will drain the Earth and its inhabitants and funnel the Possibility energy to the High Lord.

The Storm Knights are a precious few heroes that can manipulate Reality and nudge it on a course they choose. Knights can be Core Earthers, Core Earthers changed to an alien reality, invaders from another reality, or invaders changed to Core Earth reality.

There are four Axioms for each Cosm.
Technology – self explanatory
Society – how well everybody cooperates/interacts
Spiritual – the ability of faith to imbue the faithful
Magic – the ability of non-scientific methods to obtain fantastic results

Core Earth – Modern day Earth with a few tweaks. Medium high technology. Medium high society. Medium spiritual. Low magic. Beginning a new age of technology, being dragged to the 22nd century by a resurgent Japan.

The Living Land – A land of vibrant life and lizard men, edeinos. The edeinos seek to spread the grace of Lanala to everybody. Extremely low technology. Very low society. Extremely high spiritual. Very low magic. All must live through Lanala. Lanala says that every new experience must be embraced. An extremely primitive land filled with weird dinosaurs, sentient flying starfish, and did I mention lizard men.

Orrorsh – Earth that went a different path. It was taken over by a High Lord that uses fear. Gothic horror. Medium technology. Medium society. Medium high spiritual. Medium magic. Occult magic. Constant paranoia about the things that go bump in the night. The Victorian English are self-appoint saviors of mankind. They are trying desperately to stop the horrors from taking over a new land. Bringing 19th century technology and the power of the good book to war.

Nile Empire – Pulp fiction style Earth. High Lord that wants to revive the ancient Egyptian Empire. Medium technology. Medium society. Medium spiritual. Medium magic. Low level super powers. Weird Science mimics high technology. A realm of constant action, danger, and intrigue. A 1930s romping good time. Mystery Men versus the shock troopers of Pharaoh Mobius.

Aysle – A disc world of high fantasy. Aysle invades to help Earth fight off the other invaders. Medium low technology. Medium low society. Medium high spiritual. High magic. Lions and tigers and elves, oh my. A darkness embraces this troubled land, yet they strive to spread the light to Earth. Sword and shield, staff and spell.

Magna Verita – Earth of the High Middle Ages. Pope Jean Malreaux has led the Church in its campaign to convert the savages. Medium low technology. Medium low society. High spiritual. Low magic. The power of the Church cannot be opposed. Lay down your arms and convert.

Tharkold – A dark world of cyber-demons. The demons want power and they shall get it through terror. Very high technology. Medium low society. Medium spiritual. Medium magic. Humanity has been driven into hiding (or slavery). Massive amount of cybernetics. Die meat puppet. Pew, pew, pew.

Character Creation

First come up with a general character concept. Decide reality you wish to be from. Then spread points. Depending on the reality, you do not have to be human (elf, dwarf, goblin, ogre, lycanthrope, etc), but human maximums will be close enough to work with. You can justify most any race if you have the appropriate magical or technological axiom.

Attributes (66 points to distribute, 7-8 is human average, 13 is human maximum)

Skills (tag skill 3 points, plus another 13 points, maximum of 2 points per skill). Skills are quick and easy to choose from. Just get an idea of what you want and finish when you can see the list.
A tag skill is a skill which at start is a “defining” skill for the character.
Reality skill must have at least 1 point in it.

Create a short list of armor, weapons and equipment that you want. This includes cybernetics if from realm that supports them (I don’t much like cyberpsycosis, so I will lessen it’s effects and assign a possibility point penalty to pay for them).

A few other steps if you want to be a mage, priest, pulp fiction (super) hero, or martial artist. These can be done after play starts.

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